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The 2014 Journey to Wellness Challenge is a twelve month personal journey through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of wellness from a Holistic perspective.  Each month will feature a wellness concept that, when balanced with other lifestyle habits, may improve overall health, attitude, and outlook.   The monthly challenge is meant to provoke thought, encourage simple change, motivate action.  Participants engaging in and meeting all twelve challenges in 2014 will earn a Wellness Challenge VIP card worth 20% off all spa services (for the participant only) for 2015. 

April's challenge: nutritionCreate your own juicing recipe looking into nutrients your body needs to meet a certain goal. Examples for goals include: improve digestion, detoxification, or increase energy. Post your personal recipe to our Facebook page: to meet this month's challenge! 

May's challenge: movement.

June's challenge: emotional balance.

75 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga I $10, $7 for Wellness Rewards members


Mimi Lewis

Mimi Lewis is a certified 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher who instructs a Vinyasa style class with inspiration from ashtanga and alignment based yoga. Mimi also has 8 years of background in massage and bodywork, which has helped her understand what is happening with the body during a yoga practice.  She is inspired and driven by helping others feel good.