We offer West Coast-style wellness with organic skin care, massage therapies, body treatments and natural nails. From soothing body wraps to classic manicures and professional make-up application, our skilled professionals offer a wide range of services for the perfect San Diego day spa experience.


    • Mini Massage

      25 minutes $75

      Take a moment to wind down with a focus on your neck, back and shoulders.

    • Relaxation Massage

      50/80 minutes $130/$180

      Enjoy a full body, light relaxation massage to enhance your well-being.

    • Personalized Massage

      50/80 minutes $130/$180

      Customize your amount of pressure and your oil blend during this truly personalized experience. Share your top concerns with your therapist to create a massage that targets your individual needs.

    • Deep Tissue Massage

      50/80 minutes $130/$180

      Focus on target areas during this full-body, deep-pressure massage.

    • Mommy-to-be Massage

      50/80 minutes $130/$180

      A special prenatal therapy for those in their second or third trimester.

    • Sinus and Allergy Relief Massage

      50/80 minutes $130/$180

      Clear the senses, combat allergies, boost the immune system, and relieve congestion with this soothing and highly therapeutic treatment.

    • Couples Massage

      50/80 minutes $260/$360

      Wind down together with a side-by-side massage. Personalize the experience with your oil blend of choice.

    • Ocean Pearl Signature Massage

      80 minutes $185

      Float away with our signature massage treatment featuring a heated herbal poultice and warm wild rose therapy oil. This exclusive experience will melt away tension and uplift the spirit.

    • Warm Stone Massage

      80 minutes $185

      Feel the deep penetrating heat of mineral basalt ocean stones as they naturally replenish and comfort the body.

    • Detox Therapy

      25 minutes $75 a la carte, or add on to any service for $60

      Rejuvenation starts with detoxification. This massage enhancement uses jade stone and herbal cream to cleanse and energize the body.

    • Scalp Therapy

      25 minutes $75 a la carte, or add on to any service for $60

      Cool and stimulate the scalp with a rosemary and spearmint scalp massage.

    • Foot Therapy

      25 minutes $75 a la carte, or add on to any service for $60

      Foot massage stimulates reflexology pathways while our special herbal foot balm cools sore and tired feet.

    • Rejuvenating Hair Mask

      add on to any service for $20

      This nourishing hair treatment restores moisture, strength and flexibility to dry or damaged hair.


    • Instant Micro Current Eye Lift


      Tones facial muscles to naturally lift your brow.

    • Eye & Lip Treatment


      Perfect for delicate tissues around eyes and lips, this treatment hydrates and reduces fine lines for a more youthful appearance.

    • Hand Treatment


      Enzyme & exfoliation for younger looking skin.

    • Instant Lift & Brow Shaping

      25 minutes $50
    • Instant Micro Current Face Lift

      25 minutes $50
    • Rejuvenating Hair Mask


      This nourishing hair treatment restores moisture, strength and flexibility to dry or damaged hair.


    • Classic Manicure

      25 minutes $40

      Classic grooming of nails and cuticles followed by an application of moisture, buff-shine or polish of your choice. Features seasonal ingredients.

    • Ocean Pearl Manicure

      50 minutes $60

      Classic grooming of nails and cuticles with an added focus on skin care. Warm, naturally scented wax soothes your skin during your hand massage. Includes a buff-shine or polish of your choice.

    • Hydrating Evening Primrose Manicure

      50 minutes $60

      The ultimate skin-pampering experience. Evening primrose restores dry or irritated skin back to good health while your nails are manicured to perfection.

    • Classic Pedicure


      Featuring seasonal scents and basic nail care needs, followed by an application of moisture, buff-shine or polish of choice.

    • Ocean Pearl Signature Pedicure


      Soothe your toes with a delicate foot bath followed by all of your basic nail care needs. A light exfoliation of your lower legs and feet along with a brief callus treatment allows for a deeper hydration. A heated massage candle with scent of choice is used during the foot massage. Complete your service with a buff-shine or polish of choice.

    • Sole Rejuvenation Pedicure

      50 minutes $85

      Target those weary soles with an aromatic exfoliation, a warm hydrating herbal cocoon combined with a heavenly foot and ankle massage with your pedicure. Your tired soles will feel rejuvenated and sandal ready.

    • Marine Mint Pedicure


      Enjoy a soothing foot soak with a seaweed based exfoliating scrub for your lower legs and feet. Nails, cuticles and callus are meticulously groomed followed with a marine mint foot masque and warm towels. Complete your service with a foot massage and buff-shine or polish of choice.

    • Classic Manicure & Pedicure Combo

    • Ocean Pearl Manicure & Pedicure Combo

    • Hydrating Aromatherapy Combo


      Combine the benefits of the Hydrating Evening Primrose Manicure and Sole Rejuvenation Pedicure for the ultimate skin-pampering experience.


    • Mini Facial

      25 minutes $75

      The perfect refresher service, this facial offers a cleanse, exfoliation, and hydration.

    • Balancing Facial

      50 minutes $130

      Enjoy a classic European-style facial designed to detoxify, purify and hydrate your skin.

    • Gentleman’s Facial

      50 minutes $130

      A deep cleansing and therapeutic facial designed for a man’s specific skin care needs.

    • Organic Aromatherapy Facial

      50 minutes $130

      Reconnect with nature, spirit, and self with this luxurious facial based on the ancient and influential art of aromatherapy. Great for all skin types.

    • Signature Ocean Pearl Facial

      50 minutes $135

      Specifically heals dull and tired skin, hyper-pigmentation and uneven tone by replenishing hydration and brightening the skin deep within promoting new cell regeneration.

    • Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial

      80 minutes $190

      This oxygenating, anti-aging facial includes vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to combat the signs of premature aging.

    • Ultimate Pearl Facial

      80 minutes $190

      Enrich your skin with our deluxe customized facial complete with a micro current face lift.


    • Ocean Pearl Body Polish

      25/50 minutes $75/$130

      A full-body exfoliation using our signature oil blends, this sea salt body polish leaves your skin silky smooth and glowing. Follow your exfoliation with an application of moisture to revitalize your skin.

    • Hydranourish Body Wrap

      50 minutes $130

      A light dry brush exfoliation prepares the skin for the ultimate hydration therapy. A nourishing herbal hydration is painted onto the body before being wrapped for added warmth. Complete this therapy with a detoxifying foot massage.

    • Marine Mud Wrap

      80 minutes $185

      A skin detox therapy with a dry brush exfoliation which stimulates lymph movement. Enjoy a scalp massage while a marine-rich clay and full body wrap intensify the detox process.

    • Youthful Glow Body Treatment

      80 minutes $185

      Sink into ultimate relaxation and get results with this three-part luxurious body experience. First, a lemon rose scrub exfoliates the skin, and then a unique and powerful body serum is applied onto the skin and wrapped. A full head and scalp massage treatment is provided as the serum absorbs into the skin. Last, a nutrient-rich body lotion is massaged using slow, soothing motions.

    • PINO Honey Dream Body Treatment

      80 minutes $225

      Let your skin be your best accessory with our exclusive PINO Honey Dream Body Treatment, including a Milk and Honey Face Mask. This 80-minute treatment uses Myofasial techniques, which relieve muscle tension by unwinding the tissue and increasing the microcirculation of the body. Propolis in the Beeswax Pad boosts the immune system, and honey relieves inflammation and softens the skin.


    • Paraffin Dip

    • Polish Change Hands

    • Polish Change Feet

    • French Polish

    • Shellac Polish Application

    • Shellac Polish Removal


    • Makeup Application

      50 minutes starting at $50
    • Facial and Body Waxing

      (pricing varies*)

      • Brow • Lip • Chin • Bikini • Brazilian • Lower Leg

      • Full Leg • Underarm • Arm • Chest

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Spa Packages


25 Minute Refresh Facial

50 Minute Personalized Massage

Spa Lunch

$215  1.5 Hours


80 Minute Massage or Antioxidant Facial

Ocean Pearl Pedicure

Spa Lunch

$275  2.5 Hours


80 Minute Ocean Pearl Signature Massage

Signature Ocean Pearl Facial

Ocean Pearl Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Lunch

$455 3.5 Hours

All treatments include all-day access to the resort heated-pool, relaxation room, eucalyptus steam room, & fitness center.

Ocean Pearl Spa Packages are available throughout the year.